Get more Listing Appointments

How to get more listings

All Realtors want to know how to get more listings, there is saying which we think it true to this day, "Those who list last"   If you want to have a guaranteed pipeline of business, then it makes sense to have as many listings as you can.  Sellers who list their homes for sale are in go mode, they are motivated and ready to make that move.  Motivated clients make you successful.  Buyers can also help you become successful, but every great Real Estate Agent knows that having a signed listing contract gives them the edge, using a Real Estate Marketing Company makes sense.

Do Cold Calls Work?

Of course they do, but to do them correctly you need the right information and training to make that cold call turn into a listing appointment, then into a listing.  This is where we step in, our team is highly trained to counter all objections and get you in front of clients wanting to put their homes on the market right now.

Is Cold Calling worth your time?

That depends on how much value you put on your time.  If you truly want to be at the top of your game and known as a top listing Realtor in your area, then to start out some cold calling is inevitable.  

Or is it?  Imagine this, you spend hours calling expired listings, contacting your local communities, then finally after hours on the phone you get your first listing appointment! Great, you're on your way, you go on the appointment and sign up the client.  

Taking care of a listing and preparing a home for sale takes time, so you stop cold calling and start  promoting your clients property.  Great, everything is going well, you have one listing, but in order to move forward you need to make more calls and promote your listing at the same time as promoting your clients home.

So you know Cold calling works right?

You also know that you make far more money when you sell a home than when you sit on the phone all day long trying to make appointments. The sale of one home would cover your costs in having a professional Real Estate Marketing company who knows how to get more real estate listing appointments for you.

It makes sense to use a professional Marketing Company

Using us to make your listing appointments can greatly improve your yearly sales figures.Imagine having your own dedicated team doing the cold calling for you, then making highly qualified listing appointments for you with sellers who are ready to sell their homes now. 

Instead of spending hours a week cold calling, you could be spending hours a week meeting real prospects and signing listing agreements. 

How do I get more Listings as a Realtor?

Finding sellers when you are carrying out Real Estate Prospecting is an art. Here at Infinity Appointments we excel at our art, we strive on meeting and exceeding our client expectations.  Contact us today to find out how we can help you get more Real Estate listings.